Address: Piazza XX Settembre


Opened on January 10, 2004 within the 17th century church of San Rocco, the Documentation Centre has a conference room, an archaeological section and an exhibition on the theme of emigration.

The Archaeological Exhibition

The exhibition contains archaeological finds from the Roman site of Ocriticum which were unearthed during excavations carried out between 1992 and 2005. In particular votive offerings have been preserved from each of the three sacred temples, from the Roman Temple, from the hill with the lime kiln, from the Via Glareata, from Colle Mitra and also from the southern part of the sacred area. You can also see terracotta figurines, bronze statues of Hercules, coins, heads with halos, masks, hands and forearms, feet, legs, cattle, horses, dogs, cups, bowls, lamps, vases and balsam jars.

The Emigration Museum

The Emigration Museum is housed in the lower level of the Documentation Centre and consists of a permanent exhibition entitled "The Emmigrant". The museum exists thanks to Nino Di Paolo from Cansano, the former Commandant General of the Guardia di Finanza, who wanted to offer a tribute to all those who in the past left their village in search of fortune. The collection is a rich and evocative series of documents, photographs, model ships and objects relating to the voyage of the "great migration", especially that via Ellis Island, the "Island of Tears", brought to life through the exhibition "... the pathos accompanying the detachment, the sea voyage, the arrival and the difficult entry into a new world ...".